TCS Interview Experience – Gurgaon, March 2016

TCS Interview Experience – Gurgaon, March 2016

February 26, 2017 1 By Anonymous


Name: XYZ

hello guys! i am going to share my interview experience, I applied for off-campus recruitment for 2016 batch and appeared for online aptitude test on 2nd March 2016.The test was of average level and easy compared to previous years TCS papers. I would recommend you to solve RS Aggarwal thoroughly and use websites like for preparation.

My technical interview was scheduled in Noida. It was taken by only a single person.

Asked questions like:

  • tell me about yourself, rank yourself in CSE
  • polymorphism,
  • threads,
  • Fibonacci program and a puzzle (couldn’t solve).
  • My MR+HR rounds were scheduled on 18th at TCS office. The questions and duration of the interview depended solely on the interviewer, some extended for 45 minutes while others were over within 10. Those who cleared Mr were sent for HR. Finally, results were declared a week later.

If you have good communication skills and average technical knowledge you would get through easily, be honest with the interviewer they know when we are bluffing. Lastly, give your best.