SBI PO: Interview Experience 39

SBI PO: Interview Experience 39

January 29, 2019 0 By Anonymous

SBI PO  2018

Most awaited interview for the year have started. We will be sharing these with you as and what we get  from the students. Please try sharing your answers as well.’

SBI PO Interview Experience 39


Time: 12:30pm
Now it is the time for PI.
Panel: M1 M2 M3,M4 F,H
Me: may I come in sir.
Panel:yes come in
PI started with

M1: why banking after engineering …I started with 2 -3 lines N I said ai and robotics just

H: the panel head said what is ai …Then asked what had robotics got to do with ai ….Which I answered …

M2: other member asked ashish u still play football to which I said sometimes (playing football was one of my hobby)..

M3: I was asked one football tournament is going to take place ..I said u17 football in India …

M3: he asked India ka kya rank hai I said not sure but it’s under 100 now …He said OK …

F: mam asked ashish tell me about one cycling tournament (cycling was my other hobby ?) I said ma’am cycling is part of Olympic as well as tour de France is one famous..

F: she asked about the famous cyclists …Lance Armstrong …Uske baare mein thora …

M4: Sardar Ji asked banker walli kya qualities hai Tum me …I answered …

M1: Last person asked u r from muzaffarpur what is famous …I said litchi …shahi litchi …He said why is it famous ..I said it soil has a special feature which benefits ..The cultivation …

M1: he said what is that special thing ..I said sorry I am not aware …

Fir he said ..Calcium content something ….Dats all …?? Me: I wished them all and left the room.

Went for 20-25min and I felt that my performance not bad