SBI PO: Interview Experience 38

SBI PO: Interview Experience 38

January 27, 2019 0 By Anonymous

SBI PO  2018

Most awaited interview for the year have started. We will be sharing these with you as and what we get  from the students. Please try sharing your answers as well.’

Interview Experiences SBI PO 38

Time: 5:30pm
Now it is the time for PI.
Panel: M1 M2 M3 F
Me: may I come in sir.
Panel:yes come in, we r waiting for you.
Me: entered and wished them all gd afternoon.
M3: yes Mr Suresh Ur name is Yerrolla Suresh. Wt is “Yerrolla”, means is it Ur vlg name or father name or surname??
Me: smiled and said sir it’s my surname.
F: what is the reason behind your surname?
Me: answered and they laughed for my answer.
M3:so Suresh tell something about yourself?
Me: Answered.
F:Wt the hell, ur marks in intermediate 97% and in BTech just 70%. Y?
Me: madam I was from T/M background. In my BTech I Felt difficult to cope with eng that’s y I got less percentage.
M3: in which subject u got the highest marks in Ur intermediate?
Me: sir maths
M3: marks
Me:300/300 sir
M3:ohh great then y didn’t u opt for maths field.y BTech?
Me: answered.
M3: BTech which Stream??
Me: CSE sir
M3: wt is cyber security?
Me: answered and gave example​ of ransomeware (they are not satisfied and also 2-3cross Questions)
F: didn’t u get campus placements?
Me: No madam I was not eligible bcz of percentage.
F: ok. Wt is bitcoin?
Me: answered.
F: who invented bitcoin?
Me: answered.
F: who is the regulator of bitcoin?
Me: answered.
M1: wt is the value of one bitcoin?
Me: sir I’m not sure but can I guess?
M1: oh y not, u can
Me: answered and but that’s not correct
M1: it’s wrong and he said the correct value.
Me: ohh sir now I recollected it sir.
M2: Ur hobby is playing cricket.wt r the awards given to cricket player?
Me: answered two but he said some more ( I said sorry sir I’m not getting now)
M3: tell some ex- PM who got sports award.
Me:I said manmohan singh (as I heard only ex-PM)
All are laughed.
M1: tell something about kamareddy?
Me: answered
M1: KMR Is famous for which type of crops?
Me: answered
F: do u hv SBI A/C??
Me: s madam
F: wt r the problems u Faced with SBI?
Me: madam I hv not had any problem with SBI but there r many problems in my home branch.
F: wt r the problems?
Me: explained
F: Suppose u r posted in a rural vlg and SBI asked u to sell debt Nd credit cards. How do u do that?
Me: madam it’s the work of marketing officer but if my bank ask me to do, i feel it as my responsibility, and answered madam I’ll tell them abt the advantages of using cards.(ma’am looked like satisfied)
M3: Wt r Ur strengths and weaknesses?
Me: answered and I said “I feel diffclt to speak in English” as my weakness.
Again they smiled.
M1:wt is e-NAM?
Me: answered.
M1: how it works?
Me: answered.
M1: is there any political interference in e-NAM rates?
Me: no sir.
M1: wt MSP full from stands for?
Me: I was thinking Nd he gave me hint as min… Min… min… . I said sir it’s Minimum Support Price.(he smiled)
M1: wt is the MSP for rice now?
Me:sorry sir I’m not aware of.(but I knew the answer bcz of tension I answered as “I don’t know”).
F: when GST came into implementation?
Me: answered.
F: was it successful after the very first month of it’s implementation?
Me: sorry madam I don’t know.
M2: wt is MCX?
Me: sorry sir I’m not aware of it.
M2: wt is monetary policy?
Me: answered.
M2: now wt is fiscal policy. How it is different from monetary policy?
Me: answered
M2:banks follow which policy Nd y?
Me: answered.
M2:how inflation is controlled using MPC?
Me: explained for 2min( but cross qustned as wt is the name of 3govt officials’s committee in MPC, I said don’t know sir.)
F: wt is your biggest achievement?
Me: madam cleared SBI PO mains. This is my biggest achievement.
F: forget abt job Nd study mtr. Now answer.
Me: sorry madam I hv not had any achievement (they r not satisfied).
F: have u attended SBI interview earlier?
Me:no madam this is my first interview.
F: wt about IBPS and RRB?
Me:madam I cleared prelims but couldn’t clear mains.
M3: ok Suresh u can leave now.
Me: I wished them all and left the room.

Went for 20-25min and I felt that my performance not bad