SBI PO: Interview Experience 37

SBI PO: Interview Experience 37

January 26, 2019 0 By Anonymous

SBI PO  2018

Most awaited interview for the year have started. We will be sharing these with you as and what we get  from the students. Please try sharing your answers as well.’

Interview Experience 37

LHO PANEL 2 07/09/2018
May I come in
Good Afternoon Sir, Madam
Good afternoon take a sit be comfortable

>Why the hell did u leave an MNC?
Managerial job, relevence to PO with more job security, stability, lucid Career growth prospect. Age limit approaching,not much time left to achieve dream

>So not prepared while working?
Production Engg not desk job, 365 days 24 hours, 3 shifts plus weekends anytime. But SBI is also critical. So decided to take one objective at a time n excel.

>But I thought they wanted to get rid of u or u to them?
No sir, I was the only female in Dept, I got many assignment, project, award etc. Performed fine arts n music n many platform etc

>But ppl say girls have family duty so they leave. How will u handle it?
Sir, girls r genetically programed to multi task. Since history, guys were just hunter gatherers, and girls took care of babies, den , food, security.but, perception does not change in one day. So I will create such work culture that ppl will blv it once.

>Your hobby is listening to good music, what is bad music?
Sir, bad vulgar lyrics, pungent loud music, 4 yr asking me meaning of a vulgar word listening to loudspeaker.

>Where u studied Marathi?
Learnt during my stay in Maharashtra

>Who taught u your answers? Did u go to coaching?
Sir in whole life I didn’t go to coaching, they give study notes, u can’t b your true self with others answers.but I saw YouTube free videos.

>U Took such a risk, how can we trust u with public fund?
Sir what u saying is different. That’s inattentiveness, insincerity to work. Even though SBI in my mind, I never neglected my job. But experiment or risk is only with my own life. Coz one life one dream, one opportunity, if not taken a nominal risk, whole life repentence

>OK, so u have an account in SBI?
Yes, Barrackpore branch 29 code

>Interest rate?
I am poor person sir ? I don’t have 1 crore, so 3.5℅

>OK, what above 1 crore?
>Girls get chirchira with too much pressure! What’s your take on this?
Sir In starting of my career I gave similar importance to all task and struggled to adhere to timeline. Then last manager asked to prioritize. I cherish those words and do accordingly.

>Who else in family?
Mom, Dad, me
>Which exam else u preparing?
Last year failed in SBI mains, so again this year
>So determined want SBI only nothing else?

Yes Mam precisely.
Thank u, u may go now.