Daily English Questions 8th March 2019

Daily English Questions 8th March 2019

March 8, 2019 0 By Anonymous

Directions (1-5): Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

1. Lower winter temperatures were common in Europe during the second half of the 17th century, famously allowing frost fairs to be held on the frozen Thames in London before riverine developments increased the flow rate. These cold winters coincided with the Maunder minimum in solar activity when the Sun remained virtually free of sunspots for almost 50 years. However, establishing that this was not just a chance occurrence requires that the relationship continue to hold over a long interval, such that cold European winters become less frequent when solar activity is high and then more common again when solar activity falls. Various indicators show that during the recent minimum of the 11 year sunspot cycle, the Sun has been quieter than at any time in the previous 90 years.

(a) This means that solar activity during the current sunspot minimum has fallen to levels unknown since the start of the 20th century.
(b) This yields an opportunity for a better test of the relationship between solar activity and cold European winters.
(c) This proves that cold winters occur more commonly in the UK during low solar activity.
(d) This regional and seasonal effect relating to European winters may have a global effect.
(e) None of the above

2. Debt is more common in families with disabled children: the parents were unable to keep up with any local property taxes, water, and telephone bills, and were not likely to be able to afford basic items such as a family holiday once a year,a bicycle, or even two pairs of shoes. A disabled baby needs more nappies. Families’ ability to work grows difficult, and finding childcare is a real burden. Households with disabled children will depend more on social security benefits and are faced with the additional financial costs associated with caring for a disabled child.

(a) There is a strong link between child disability and poverty.
(b) The highest prevalence of childhood disability is found in the poorest families.
(c) It is an adverse and serious social gradient that families with disabled face.
(d) But thanks to science, these children live longer and medicines keep them alive.
(e) None of the above

3. What a super film experience Green Zone is! From the firecracker opening to the sucker-punch climax, the film is a non-stop adrenalin rush. The hand-held camera and natural light make you feel as if you are seeing the action from the front, as if you have access to footage shot from a sniper’s sights. Whether it is a Bourne-in-Baghdad kind of relentless action thriller or a strong statement against the U.S. war in Iraq, (incidentally, it is both) Green Zone succeeds as a pure cinema, delivering thrills, spills and chills in breathless succession hardly giving anyone time to breathe.

(a) This is a movie that takes you on a thrilling, provocative, exhilarating ride.
(b) There is really nothing more you could ask for from a movie.
(c) Green Zone effectively knits several strands together to make a cohesive whole.
(d) The plot is taut and truthful.
(e) None of the above

4. Talented youth can ill-afford to resign to their fate just because they can’t properly communicate in English. They should confront the challenges which should, in fact, bring out their best. A little confidence and hard work are all that is needed for them to climb up the career ladder. For that they need to develop communication skills in English, shape up their personalities and acquire the much-needed knowledge.

(a) Knowledge and communication skills are the key ingredients that make up the recipe for success.
(b) Students have to act as leaders in the college itself.
(c) Success will automatically follow.
(d) Speaking and writing in English are important, thinking in English is twice as important.
(e) None of the above

5. Philosophy of music has been dominated by the view that the best music is autonomous and formally complex. As recently as 1990, philosophy of popular music consisted of variations on a single theme. Philosophers defended the twin assumptions that popular music is essentially different from “serious” or art music, and that the former is aesthetically inferior to the latter.

(a) As a result, music could not be regarded as art if it lacked genius and autonomy.
(b) As a result, popular music competes with and replaces local and regional folk traditions.
(c) As a result, most philosophers concentrated on identifying the aesthetic deficiencies inherent in popular music.
(d) As a result, philosophers have investigated popular music by identifying and critiquing key concepts that shape our response to this music.
(e) None of the above


Directions (6-15): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
If the State is serious about …(6)… in consumption of unhealthy food, then there are several …(7)…it should quickly adopt. The first is to set a …(8)… limit for fat and/or calorie and tax all foods items that are above this limit. …(9)… sugar-sweetened drinks and refined products under the taxable product list should be a priority. There is no …(10)… why packaged food items that have high salt content should not be additionally taxed. Indians are …(11)… to consume a few times more than the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit of 5 grams a day and most of it comes …(12)… packaged food items. Similarly, what excuse can there be …(13)… not charging a very high rate of tax on food items that contain trans fats? There are a number of food items sold in India that contain as high as 35-40 per cent of trans fats. Trans fatty acids, made through the process of hydrogenation of oils, which improves the stability or shelf life of the foodstuff that contains them, …(14)… serious coronary risks. Taxing ‘bad’ foods should …(15)… accompanied by cross-subsidies of healthy and wholegrain food items.
(Reference- The Hindu)
(a) reining
(b) raining
(c) rolling
(d) relaying
(e) reigning
(a) method
(b) mergers
(c) meager
(d) measure
(e) measures
(a) held
(b) mound
(c) gigantic
(d) threshold
(e) miniature
(a) Bestowing
(b) Blending
(c) Bringing
(d) Bring
(e) Brought
(a) reason
(b) season
(c) allegation
(d) suggestion
(e) goal
(a) known
(b) see
(c) there
(d) keen
(e) assume
(a) on
(b) from
(c) in
(d) onto
(e) at
(a) on
(b) along
(c) among
(d) with
(e) for
(a) produced
(b) get
(c) pose
(d) paused
(e) paved
(a) be
(b) will
(c) in
(d) belong
(e) could


  1. B
     “…establishing that this was not just a chance occurrence requires that the relationship continue to hold over a long interval…” is the crux of the paragraph. Hence the sun being “quiet” is an opportunity to find this correlation. Options (C) and (D) can be very easily eliminated as not related to the purpose of the paragraph. Option (A) is true, is an inference not related to the purpose of the paragraph.
  2. C
    This statement is a very low level inference that logically closes the paragraph. The paragraph is not sufficient to establish the link as in option (A). Option (B) goes farther away from the paragraph. Option (D) is unrelated to the purpose of the paragraph.
  3. B
    All options may appear correct. The scoring option, however, has to close the paragraph, andnot merely continue it. Option (A) will be repetitive. Options (C) and (D) will continue the paragraph.
  4. C
    The purpose of the paragraph is in the first sentence – “can ill-afford to resign to their fate.” Option (A) is already clearly stated-it just states the same thing in different words. Option (B) takes off on a tangent and brings in leadership; option (D) also does not close the paragraph. Option (C) just does that-the paragraph has no loose ends.
  5. C
    The purpose of the paragraph is: Philosophers consider popular and serious music different. The former lacks complexity and autonomy, the later is variations on a single them-and that popular music is inferior. “As a result” will discuss its direct consequences and close the paragraph. Hence option (C) scores. Option (A) is stated. Option (B) is irrelevant in “replace” and “folk music”. Option (D) is irrelevant in “our response.”
  6. A
  7. E
  8. D
  9. C
  10. A
  11. A
  12. B
  13. E
  14. C
  15. A