Daily English Questions 17th February 2019

Daily English Questions 17th February 2019

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Daily English Questions 17th February 2019

Directions (1-5):Below in each question, some sentences are given,  find the sentence which is not really contributing to the main theme and OUT of the passage or find the odd sentence and rearrange the remaining sentences to make a coherent paragraph.

A. The government was a major contributor to investments in seed research in India for close to three decades after independence.
B. There was no IP law for the seed industry till The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act (PPVFRA), 2001, came about
C. Policy reforms like the New Policy On Seed Development (1988) and New Industrial Policy (1991), and advances made by science and technology, provided an impetus to the participation of the private sector in the Indian seed industry and private investments helped India benefit from hybrid seed technology and biotechnology.
D. For many decades, the Indian policy framework facilitated the interaction of science and innovation with entrepreneurship, which led to competition and the subsequent development of an industry structure that delivered sustainable economic benefits.
(a) ACB
(b) DCB
(c) CBA
(d) DAC
(e) CDA

A. The region has been the locale for some of the bloodiest inter- and intra-state wars in the 20th century and promises to be the theatre for similar conflagrations in the foreseeable future between failing, emerging and established nuclear-armed countries.
B. This potential for conflict is exacerbated by the absence of a robust regional peace and security architecture.
C. The term “Indo-Pacific” has long been in vogue among marine biologists and ichthyologists to define the stretch of water from the tropical Indian Ocean, through the equatorial seas around the Indonesian archipelago, the South China Sea, and to the western and central Pacific Ocean.
D. For instance, in 2015 the foreign secretaries of Australia, India and Japan met ostensibly to firm up the security leg of India’s “Act East” policy.
E. The term entered the geopolitical lexicon only in the early 21st century and, predictably, has proved to be far more contentious than its scientific definition.
(a) ACBD
(b) EDCB
(c) ACDE
(d) AEDB
(e) CEAB

A. The government has already set things rolling by creating a panel to ready a blueprint for the rollout of 5G mobile networks in India by 2020, a move that not only promises to make wireless connections seamlessly fast but will also provide for the spread of internet-connected smart devices.
B. The telecom industry in India has evolved over the past few years, seeing numerous changes from 2G to 4G.
C. The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using switches, routers, and access points.
D. Today, mobile handsets not only function as the means of communication with our loved ones but also as a source of entertainment.
E. Now, fifth-generation, or 5G, technology is on its way to not only changing the way we communicate but also paving the way for new consumer-technology interactions.
(a) ADEC
(b) BDEA
(c) DBEA
(d) BCDA
(e) DAEC

A. Those who had friends and families living outside Darjeeling were unable to communicate with each other and assure them of their well-being.
B. Sometimes I wonder if going online is an action or a behaviour. Or if it’s an action that converts into a habitual behaviour, like brushing your teeth.
C. We brush our teeth every morning but we do it as a routine, often mechanically, barely noticing we’re brushing our teeth yet it is an integral part of our day.
D. Similarly, being online is a behaviour that once you get used to, it is difficult to stay disconnected.
E. Besides, when an action becomes a habit, it becomes difficult to live without it.
(a) CBAD
(b) BAED
(c) CEDA
(d) BCED
(e) CADE

A. This has proven a boon for the aerospace industry. Globally, in the next two decades, more than 41,000 aircraft are expected to be produced, with a value of over $6.1 trillion.
B. Across the globe, rising wealth and the advent of discount airlines have made air travel more of a mass proposition than ever before.
C. This bounty will flow not only to plane manufacturers but also to a range of supporting parts and service suppliers.
D.A monthly cap of Rs10,000 for each means users may only use them for such use cases as utilities, telephone bills and so forth.
E. At the same time, the boom in electronic and mobile commerce has increased air-freight volumes as consumers order goods across borders, demanding speedy delivery.
(a) BCEA
(b) DBCA
(c) BEAC
(d) EADC
(e) EABC

Directions (6-10): Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which a sentence has been deleted. Five statements are given, from which one statement can fit and provide coherent meaning to the paragraph.  From the given options, choose the sentence that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.
6. The legislature, the army, the judiciary and the media are important structures of the nation. The first sets the rules,  the second defends the state, the third determines what is right and what’s wrong, and the fourth blows the whistle when things go wrong. They have their roles and boundaries. Institutions are strengthened or_____________  in charge of the institutions act.
(a)The late political scientist and historian Benedict Anderson called the nation an imagined community, which brings together people who find common cause to forge a new identity.
(b)weakened depending on how the individuals temporarily
(c)The turbulence in India this time hasn’t come from foreign invasion or conquest;
(d)But peculiarly enough, the broadcast media seems to misunderstand its role;
(e) Forty years later, without being asked to bend, much of the broadcast media crawls.

7. The development experience of most successful countries has involved a shift of labour from traditional sectors with low productivity to modern sectors with high productivity. Countries such as India that has not yet made the transition inevitably have dual economies—where the traditional sector coexists with the modern sector. Mainstream growth models deal with a single sector with a single production function, and hence ___________________ in proximity to each other. We saw this dualism during demonetization, when the formal and informal sectors did not deal with the policy shock in the same way.
(a)Some of the ongoing debates on the need to bring informal enterprises into the formal economy need to be framed against the backdrop of this big policy choice.
(b)Not only this, but industrialisation, by destroying the premium on land, will give rise to few occasions for its sub-division and fragmentation.
(c)the principal means of helping the agriculturists and making agriculture more productive consists in the industrialisation of the province.
(d)in which they empirically examined the drivers of economic transformation across the world.
(e)  have their limitations in a country such as India where multiple economies exist

8. There is a priority need to articulate a clear overarching management framework that harmonizes policy and management practise across the various clusters and states. Functional corridors that assure wildlife movement and _______________________ areas are also required.
(a)Moderating the region’s tropical climate, the site presents one of the best examples of the monsoon system on the planet.
(b)The hills in the “significant concern” category in its new outlook in the conservation prospects of natural World Heritage sites.
(c)ecological connectivity between the clusters of component protected
(d)It says ongoing pressure for development would continue to place the Western Ghats under high threat.
(e)Moderating the region’s tropical climate,category in its new outlook of the monsoon system on the planet.9. Given the cultural and intellectual interconnections, the question of what is ‘Western’ and what is ‘Eastern’ (or ‘Indian’) is often hard to decide, and the issue can be discussed only in more dialectical terms. The diagnosis of a thought as ‘purely Western’ or ‘purely Indian’ can be very illusory._____
(a) Thought are not the kind of things that can be easily categorized.
(b) Though ‘occidentalizm’ and ‘orientalism’ as dichotomous concepts have found many adherents.
(c) ‘East is East and West is West’ has been a discredited notion for a long time now.
(d) The origin of a thought is not the kind of thing to which ‘purity’ happens easily.
(e) compartmentalizing thoughts is often desirable

10. The audiences for crosswords and Sudoku, understandably, overlap greatly, but there are differences, too. A crossword attracts a more literary person, while Sudoku appeals to a keenly logical mind. Some crossword enthusiasts turn up their noses at Sudoku because they feel it lacks depth. A good crossword requires vocabulary, knowledge, mental flexibility and sometimes even a sense of humour to complete. It touches numerous areas of life and provides an ‘Aha!’ or two along the way.____________
(a) Sudoku, on the other hand, is just a logical exercise, each one similar to the last.
(b) Sudoku, incidentally, is growing faster in popularity than crosswords, even among the literati.
(c) Sudoku, on the other hand, can be attempted and enjoyed even by children.
(d) Sudoku, however, is not exciting in any sense of the term.
(e) Sudoku, whereas, gives better enthusiasm

Directions (11-15): In each question, there is a pair of words/phrases that highlighted. From the highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then, from the options given, choose the best one.

I.  Use the colander(a)/Calendar(b) to drain the noodles.
II. Lost in the woods, we were happy to find a Cash(a)/cache(b) of food belonging to some hunters
III.Many people in that country are adherence(a)/adherents(b) of the concept of free speech.
(a) bab
(b) aaa
(c) aab
(d) baa
(e) abb

I.  Be sure to have your passport when you cross the boarder(a)/border(b).
II. The coach was loaded with hundreds of bars of gold bouillon(a)/bullion(b).
III.The winning team went to the restaurant to exult(a)/exalt(b) in their victory
(a) baa
(b) bab
(c) bba
(d) aba
(e) abb

I.  My next door neighbor is an American immigrate(a)/emigrated(b).
II. My friend and I will have two pints of ale(a)/ail(b), bartender.
III.She devoted her life to charity to try to expiate(a)/ expatiate(b) the wrongs of her youth.
(a) aab
(b) aaa
(c) aba
(d) baa
(e) bba

I.  The antecedents (a)/antecedence(b)of parents to their own children is a fact of life.
II. The embezzlers celebrated their delusion(a)/ elusion (b) of the police a little too soon.
III.I advice(a)/advise(b) you to validate the code on your Web page before you release it to the general public.
(a) aab
(b) abb
(c) bbb
(d) bba
(e) bab

I.  The ancient Romans awarded laurel wreathe(a)/wreaths(b) to winners of athletic contests.
II. Because they neglected to expend(a)/expand(b) any money or time on marketing their business, they soon went bankrupt.
III.When the flood waters go down, we can excess(a)/assess(b) the damage.
(a) bbb
(b) abb
(c) aab
(d) bab
(e) baa


  1. D. Correct sequence is DAC
    Statement B is out of context. It is the misfit statement here, which contribute no coherent meaning to the passage. Sentence D is the opening statement, Followed by A. Statement C further explains it.
  2. E. The correct sequence is CEAB.
    statement D is out of context. C is the introductory sentence, followed by E, A and B.
  3. B. The correct sequence is BDEA. C is out of context.
  4. D. The correct sequence is BCED. Statement A is out of context. Statement B logically initiate the discussion, followed by C, which further elaborates Idea introduced in B. D is the concluding statement.
  5. C. Correct Choice is option C. Statement D is out of context. Statement B is most likely the starting sentence. Now that we know statement B is the starting statement A and C get eliminated as the second sentence. Statement E follows B, which is then followed by A and C.
    Now we can see Sentence D has no correlation with the aerospace industry, and it’s business, We can rule out Sentence D.
  6. B. Institutions are strengthened, or “weakened”, is the correct choice.Statement B provides the coherent meaning to the paragraph.
  7. E
  8. C
  9. D. E is contradicting to the main theme of the passage.  Option B is not properly concluding the paragraph. Option D is the correct choice as it concludes the paragraph properly and maintaining coherent meaning.
  10. A. The paragraph, in the beginning, highlights the main points of difference between Sudoku and a crossword. Therefore, we are looking for a contrast, which is not present in options (b) and (d). Option (c) is too specific, which is why we pick Option (a).
  11. E
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. D